genomic medicine in africa through data and eDucation


Open Innovation Platform

The open innovation platform will attract an international network of innovators and data scientists or enthusiasts through crowdsourcing to develop state-of-the-art methodologies for the application of genetic data to medical issues of public health significance in Africa. 

Crowdsourcing has recently emerged as key to solving tough problems in various industries. We believe that better understanding of the link between genes and disease and application to medicine will require the development of a large diversity and scale of computational tools that can only be achieved through the engagement of large groups of people on crowdsourcing platforms. The open innovation platform will host data competitions in collaboration with other crowdsourcing platforms to identify top computational tools addressing specific issues relating to genomic medicine and public health in Africa.

The platform will also connect students to researchers and top data scientists identified through the competitions to facilitate hands on training with some of the world's leading innovators in genomic medicine and data science.